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In 1983 Isabel Patrocínio and Francisco Fêo e Torres founded O Melro

A family-run company dedicated since day one to fruit production (mainly Rocha pear) and trading import/export of other fruits.

Based in the West region of Portugal, where are also located the majority of its orchards, the company started exporting its own products as well as fruits acquired from locals farmers – mainly rocha pear at the time – to Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom and Irland back in 1984.

As time went by, in order to minimize its dependence on one fruit only, O Melro slowly began to produce and trade other fruits such as apple (mainly Gala variety) and also stone fruit.

Today it’s up the family’s second generation to keep the company a benchmark in the business not only in its homeland Portugal and worldwide.

Time flies!


Melro is born

Isabel Patrocínio and Francisco Fêo e Torres are the founding fathers of O Melro.


New fruits

Alongside Rocha pear, O Melro starts producing also Gala apple and stone fruit.



O Melro becomes a global reference


TriPortugal is born

O Melro Op., O Melro Lda and FRUTUS found TriPortugal.


Keep on growing

O Melro doubles its storage capacity.


Moving forward

We add new chapters every day.

For some time now, o Melro Group works on two different segments that
complement each other and that assure a constant fruit supply throughout the year: while “Organização de Produtores Melro OP” secures the production of pears, apples, and stone fruit; O Melro Lda imports fruits such as pears, apples, grapes, peaches, strawberries, loquats, and more.

In 2010 O Melro group was a founding member of TRIPORTUGAL ACE the main commercial brand representing the products of o Melro
Group – both the ones produced by the company and the ones imported by it.

TRIPORTUGAL, - of which o Melro holds 50% - is responsible for the
commercial circuits, which includes all the foreign clients and also the main domestic suppliers. TRIPORTUGAL boards and the companies behind this consortium are responsible for the sales.

The traditional domestic market and wholesale are O Melro Lda responsibility.

Today, like on its very first day, O Melro is a modern and growing company that goes by high-quality standards and that is focused on providing an efficient and loyal service to its clients and partners; prime working conditions to its human capital; and committed to adopt a more sustainable posture in its everyday activity.