O Melro

Melro OP

O Melro Op is a Portuguese company that produces Rocha pear, apple and stone fruit.

In Portugal, our products are purchased by the biggest supermarkets chains (Sonae, Pingo Doce, Lidl). Our products can also be found in the main supermarket chains in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, and Switzerland. O Melro fruits are also to be found in distant markets such as Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and some African countries.
Today, like on its very first day, O Melro is a modern and growing company that goes by high-quality standards and that is focused on providing an efficient and loyal service to its clients and partners; prime working conditions to its human capital; and committed to adopt a more sustainable posture in its everyday activity.

Melro LDA

Imports fruit – mainly pears, apples, grapes, loquats, strawberries, peaches, nectarines – from distant countries like South Africa and Peru all year round.

Time flies!


O Melro is born

Isabel Patrocínio and Francisco Fêo e Torres are the founding fathers of O Melro.


New fruits

Alongside Rocha pear, O Melro starts producing Gala apple and stone fruit.



O Melro becomes a global reference


TriPortugal is born

O Melro Op., O Melro Lda and FRUTUS found TriPortugal.


Keep on growing

O Melro doubles its storage capacity.


Moving forward

We add new chapters to our story every day.


Fruit Logistica 2020

Fruit Logistica 2020

Fruit Attraction 2019

Fruit Attraction 2019

Oeste in Alentejo

Oeste in Alentejo

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Visit to Melro